Dear President Hirobumi Kawano,

We would like to commend you and the Japan Sailing Federation for the excellent organisation, facilities and atmosphere at the Olympic sailing events in Enoshima which has been first class and a credit to your organisation. We appreciate your kind hospitality and thank you for hosting all sailors, staff and officials. The athletes have also appreciated all of the support.
Furthermore, we extend our deepest gratitude to Mr Hiromu Mochizuki, with whom we met last week. It was both enjoyable and informative. This is the culmination of a long journey, which started many years ago, and to be able to deliver such an excellent event during challenging circumstances is a great achievement.
On behalf of World Sailing, we congratulate you and the Japan Sailing Federation for the excellent work you have done and continue to do. We look forward to continue to work closely together for the benefit of sailing in Japan.

Best wishes,

Quanhai Li President
David Graham CEO



また、先週お会いした望月宣武さんには心より感謝します。 それは楽しくも有益でした。 困難な状況にもかかわらず、このような素晴らしい大会が実施できたことは大きな成果です。 何年もかかった旅のゴールであり、集大成です。

ワールドセーリングを代表し、貴方と日本セーリング連盟が成し遂げた素晴らしい成果を心から 祝福させていただきます。これからも日本のセーリングの発展のために緊密に協力していきましょう。


Quanhai Li President
David Graham CEO