About JSAF (Japan Sailing Federation)

JSAF, as the sole adherent organization of ISAF in Japan, conducts all sailing events in Japan as well as administration of its safety and measurement rules on behalf of ISAF.

Method of membership registration and boat registration with JSAF for competing in sailing competitions and/or participating in sailing events in Japan are as explained below.

Method of Membership Registration and Boat Registration.

Membership applications are accepted at any times.  Upon request by e-mail to the e-mail address below, we will send you an application form.  Fill out the application form and return to us.  Membership fees are as follows.

Membership registration fee (annual)@@@ 10,000 Yen per year.

Boat registration fee (first year)@@@@@@ 10,000 Yen per year.

Sail number (registration number) will be issued to boats that are being registered.  This number will not change as long as the boat remains in Japan.

Boat registration renewal fee (from second year on)   5,000 Yen per year.

Issue of Measurement Certificates ( IRC,  ORCI ).

When necessary, registered boats may apply for issuance of measurement certificates.  Details will be notified separately.

JSAF Ocean (Naikai Ocean Yacht Club)

There are 2 divisions, dinghy and ocean, within JSAF.  Respective class association conducts registration of dinghies.  This is not one of Naikai Ocean Yacht Clubfs responsibilities.

Naikai Ocean Yacht Club conducts, as part of JSAF and in accordance with the rules, membership and boat registrations of cruising boats other than the above mentioned dinghies.

Naikai conducts sailing regattas that take place on the waters of Wakayama, Tokushima, Kouchi, Osaka, Hyougo, Kagawa and Okayama, as well as related projects in the area with local Yacht Club..

We hope everyone safely enjoys the waters of Japan.  There are 11 ocean sailing organizations (Clubs) in Japan, and regardless of which organization one joins JSAF from, participation to events in Japan will be assured equally. 

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