International Committee

Subject: Advertising Code

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 1999 22:52:11 +0200

From: "Hans Zuiderbaan" <>

To: "Tomita Minoru" <>

CC: "David Pedrick" <>,

"Nicola Sironi" <>,

"Wolfgang Schaefer" <>,

"John Osmond" <>,

"David H. Irish" <>,

"Bruno Finzi" <>,

"Judy" <>,

"Kenneth B Weller" <>


Dear Minoru,

In reply to your e-mail about the ISAF Advertising Code I give you the following observations. ORC classes sail under the ISAF's Racing Rules of Sailing of which the Advertising Code will be an Appendix.


The Management Committee has not yet discussed the matter but I am sure that the ORC Classes are to be considered as Classes as mentioned in rule 4 of the Code. Apart for the ORC World Championships, which come under a special category as mentioned in rule 6.2, the position of IMS and ORC Club should be decided by ORC Council in November. As the advertising code allows classes to decide for themselves and there is not such a thing as a class association for our classes, I think it shall be decided by ORC and the relevant Member National Authorities. I think that different countries

will ask for different arrangements but it is my expectation that most MNA's will insist on Category C for IMS. ORC Club will be different from country to country. Some may insist on A others on C. I think that we have to make a rule that National Authorities can decide this for their own fleet.


These are just private thoughts at the moment without any official standpoint from the Management Committee. I will ask the Committee to prepare a proposal that will be discussed and decided upon by Council in November.


Kind regards,

Hans Zuiderbaan